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Our Vision
To be the best firm who understands and respects the demand for cultural inclusion in mainstream products, services and tourism fulfillment worldwide and delivers them with the finest inter-generational talent.

Chief Creative Consultant and Founder of PLAN IT AZ, Vanessa Wright Adams has more than 20 years of experience in the travel & hospitality industries helping companies to grow their business at impressive levels. She is a creative business development executive with expertise in strategic planning, travel logistics, supplier relations, tourism project management and event planning. As a specialist in East Asian Affairs, she’s developed a platform for learning, networking and increasing brand awareness for American business enterprises to effectively compete for new business opportunities coming out of China. Among her previous leadership positions, Vanessa served as Director of Commercial Aviation Sales, Group Sales Director and Travel Industry and Corporate Sales Executive. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and holds an MA in East Asian Studies from St. Johns’ University in New York. A native New Yorker, Vanessa now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

PLAN IT AZ is here to support your success. We specialize in managing reunions, special anniversaries, milestone celebrations and cross-cultural experiences for a variety of clients both leisure and corporate. We challenge ourselves to strike the right balance when developing programs for our customers. We covet repeat business and we love referrals. Groups feel like friends & family. PLAN IT AZ takes Event Services to a new level of excellence.


​PLAN IT AZ is committed to providing solutions for our clients. From urban centers to rural historic towns, we go beyond the ordinary and help you plan extraordinary custom experiences for your group. We help you #1 conceptualize it, #2 research it, #3 plan it, #4 organize it, and #5 facilitate it.

Popular programs include: 

  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Golf Retreats
  • Sports & Adventure
  • Shopping & Entertainment
  • Science & Nature
  • Art & Architecture
  • Retreats & Reunions
  • Milestone Celebrations
  • Culinary Tours
  • Weekend Excursions


Come travel the world with us

Our Mission
To bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary tourism experiences for our clients by creating memorable travel engagement opportunities, reducing the hassle-factor, and assisting tourism providers with attracting international tourists. 

Our Value Proposition 

Insight, Strategy, Success

We are dedicated to providing quality service, paying great attention to detail, and delivering exceptional value.

Travel TheWorld

Our Founder & Chief Creative Consultant